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The challenge of change

Published on 7th November 2018 under Blog Topic - Uncategorised,
Every time you practice, you are strengthening the connections in your heart and mind and eventually, the conscious 'work' of a new task will become second nature.

Find your happy place in 2018!

Published on 9th January 2018 under Blog Topic - Uncategorised,
Why not join me and find your joyful/happy places and relish every second!

Class of 2017!

Published on 2nd June 2017 under Blog Topic - Students,
These great lyrics might help during this stressful exam prep time! Baz Luhrmann - Sunscreen

Prepare for college with a trip to Higher Options, RDS

Published on 5th September 2016 under Blog Topic - Students,
The Irish Times Higher Options is one of Ireland’s biggest student events and has become an annual fixture on the Education calendar. Prepare with this handy worksheet.

Let it begin!

Published on 30th August 2016 under Blog Topic - Students,
As parents we will always be witnesses to our little ones entering a new world.

What I learned from the Leaving Cert

Published on 3rd June 2016 under Blog Topic - Students,
There are lessons to be learned but the Leaving Cert is only one chapter in your book of Life. The results won't/don't define you. Regardless of your points, you can pick a rewarding career and enjoy many years of making new friends, learning new skills, new experiences, travelling etc. Buckle up!

Future Proof you Career

Published on 23rd May 2016 under Blog Topic - Training, Uncategorised,
Understanding what you can offer an employer and communicating this in both CV and at interview is key.

Time Management Techniques

Published on 15th April 2016 under Blog Topic - Professionals/Career Movers, Training,
“Time is the only commodity that matters” Pausch, 2007 I challenge you (and myself) to move from a time management approach to ME management and spend time wisely.

Students: Stewards of their own careers?

Published on 15th March 2016 under Blog Topic - Uncategorised,
The benefit of this approach is that your teenager gets the guidelines and support from you (which they need) but the decision and appropriate responsibility is theirs. Too many 6th year students are starting college in September unprepared for the course and the huge differences of a third level environment. Assisting them to take charge of their choices now should make them more realistic and prepared for this transition.

Spring Clean Your CV!

Published on 23rd February 2016 under Blog Topic - Professionals/Career Movers,
It’s a task we all put off, until of course, a job catches our eye! Then it’s time to dust off that CV, add a few more lines to ‘refresh it’ and we can, mistakenly, think we’re good to go! Think again...use these techniques to create a compelling CV!