Career Expo, Dungarvan College, November 2019

Published on 28th November 2019 under Blog Topic - Students,

What a day! Pounding rain, floods and wind! But that didn’t deter students, parents, guidance counsellors and teachers from braving the elements and making their way to the Career Expo in Dungarvan last week. I had my pitch for the day and met some wonderful people. The students were really interested in talking about careers, how to decide on college courses and balancing all that with busy school/study schedule.

My stand for the day

Some inspiring books

As I sat and watched hundreds of young students strolling around the stands, chatting with friends, eating free sweets and lollipops, it got me wondering….

I wonder will they learn to trust themselves to pursue careers that they can enjoy and excel in.

I wonder will they understand that nothing of value comes without some effort.

I wonder will they develop friendships and positive relationships to support them through life.

I wonder will they put some time and effort into their health and wellbeing – looking after the basics.

I wonder what kind of parents, carers, employees, managers they’ll make in the future.

I wonder what state the environment will be for them.

My hope is that Career Compass will help students on their journey, helping them to ask the questions, resilient and kind to themselves.

One of my mottos