Ace that interview – Go from flight/fright/freeze to ease and mastery.

Join me for an interview coaching intensive. I will give you the in-depth support you need to craft your best interview responses and successfully perform in an interview.

Why is it so difficult to translate ‘on the job’ performance into interview success? Do past nightmare interviews haunt you, fog the mind, tighten the throat and ultimately jeopardise your opportunities?

With my expertise and using my workshop model, we will ensure you can show up competent and confident when it matters most.



For the last 8 years, I have trained interview panels on how to choose the best candidate for a role. Here are a few things I’ve discovered:

  1. Often interviewers have insufficient time to prepare. They can be pulled in at the last minute to be on a panel.
  2. Interviewers are nervous too.
  3. After a full day of interviews, the candidate who is well prepared and gives interesting answers will stand out from the crowd.
  4. Interviewers are susceptible to all sorts of biases e.g., time pressure, halo, and confirmation bias.

This is precisely why I developed this intensive coaching method.

I really believe that with the right kind of support and practice; an interview turns into an interesting conversation for both sides. I have helped numerous individuals and organisations prepare for interviews. I have subject matter expertise in competency-based interviewing. I am convinced this method is an excellent framework for interview preparation. Using my knowledge, we will piece together your career highlights so you feel confident about what you can offer an employer.

“This is a bespoke interview preparation intensive. You are not generic so why should your interview responses?”

With deep work and mock interview role play, you will rid yourself of interview dread once and for all. You will have a tailored portfolio of responses for future reference.

Ace your Interview is an intensive interview learning and practice programme. This is what you will experience:

1. Uniquely crafted responses for your interview.

2. Gain clarity about your USP and what you offer the employer.

3. Prepare and practice for your interview in a collaborative environment.

4. Beat interview ‘stage fright’ for good.

5. Recover from difficult past interview experiences.

Are you ready to excel in interviews?

Here is the detail of the programme:

• Pre-meeting audit of your application and the specifications of the job.
• Fill in the blanks – Preparation assignment
• 2.5-hour intensive session.
• Access to the session recording
• Tailored portfolio of interview responses
• Role Play (Practice/Fix/Repeat) interview responses

Ace that Interview coaching intensive!

Price and Payment Options

Interview coaching intensive – €400

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I take just 4 Ace that Interview coaching intensive clients each month.
Book before the last day of the previous month and receive a bonus pre-interview coaching call the day before your interview.


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