Boost your teenager’s confidence in their college choices and themselves.

With my light-hearted style and proven tools, I discover your teenager’s unique combination of strengths, personality and interests. My programme takes the guesswork and overwhelm from college decisions. This knowledge gives students a significant advantage as they progress through school, college and onto future careers.

Making college decisions can cause a huge amount of stress and anxiety. During these school years, parents and teenagers will often clash. Add in the stress of leaving certificate study, and it can be a difficult time for everyone.

My strengths-based method empowers your teenager to define success and make decisions. Removing stress and doubt about life after school.

As parents, with some miles on the clock, we know what it’s like ‘out there’.

We know our young adults are facing a vastly different world of work. In 10 years, they may find themselves in occupations that haven’t even been invented yet!

What else do we know?

1. The difference between an ‘okay’ job and a great career.
2. How important it is to make good friends.
3. Just how scary that first day in a new job or college can be. Guess the most common response to my question: what do you want for your child?

“I just want them to be happy”

It says it all. Time has given us the perspective to recognise what’s important. As our children grow and gain more independence, we know we can’t make them happy, but we can give them the tools to build a good life. Their choice of career will have a huge impact on their quality of life. My passion is to enable students to realize their potential and help them to discover (and appreciate) their inherent talents, interests and personality. This knowledge gives them self-confidence as they move through life.

There are always, always options e.g. study in the EU as an undergraduate or postgraduate. Take an indirect route to college where CAO points do not matter. Your teen does not have to have all the answers or reach their full life potential at 18. Did we? There is always time.

This is exactly why I created my Student Career Counselling programme for your teen.



Rewind to 1993, I still clearly remember trying to complete my CAO application and desperately needing career guidance. I can also remember the heavy weight of expectation, the fear of making a mistake, wasting all that study and falling short of my own ambition. Many years later, I now know what I was looking for: advice and support that took all the facets of me into account, my aptitudes, interests and personality. Like a lot of people, I have walked down my fair share of career cul de sacs. However, through trial and error and some lucky breaks, I discovered (and appreciate) my aptitudes and personality. I now get tremendous satisfaction by assisting clients to progress their careers.

But guidance counselling is available in school. I hear you say. Yes, you’re right. I have worked as a Guidance Counsellor in schools, and I can tell you it is difficult to give enough individual attention to students.

School is a busy place – full of activity, movement, classes and countless distractions.
Also, you try asking a class of thirty-five 16-year-old what they really, really want for themselves and their careers. SILENCE! Peer influence is huge.

Private career counselling means your teenager gets all the attention they need. They can explore ideas and suggestions in a supportive space. They then often use the school guidance counsellor to give them follow up/continued support.

In my programme, this is what you can expect:

1. Learn your teens best career/college fit.
2. Support through all career worries and tease out other issues that may be concerning your teenager.
3. Give your teenager the support they need to make an informed and confident decision.
4. Get on the same page when discussing college – create more harmony at home.
5. Re-energise and create some clear options for the future.

Here are the details of my career counselling method:

• Thirty-minute consultation call with parent/s.
• Pre-meeting questionnaires assigned to parent and teen.
• Reliable Psychometric and Career Interest Inventory completed by your teenager.
• Sixty-minute Exploration/Discover Meeting (online via Zoom).
• Follow up Assignment Tasks for Teenager.
• Recommendation & SMART Planning Meeting (online via Zoom).
• Individual MyUniChoices Report

Price and Payment Options

Student Career Counselling – €350

See our FAQ page for more information


Book your slot for the 2021/2022 school year before 1 September 2021 and receive a bonus three month follow up phone call.


If you have any questions
or if you need career help