This about me page
is About You

My wish for you:

Harness my 25+ years of accumulated training, career coaching and HR experience.

• Use my energy and confidence to grow your own.

Challenge me so that we both do great work together.

Channel my knowledge to grow your wisdom.

“l love to witness the ‘a-ha’ moment in my client’s eyes”.

My passion is, and always has been, to help individuals to reach their potential. I do this by advising people on their career journeys. Those just about to start and those who may find themselves a little lost.  My career has given me an in-depth knowledge in a wide variety of areas such as; psychology, career coaching, and guidance counselling. I love new ideas, taking a risk, creativity and, above all, sharing my learning.

I have spent the last decade specialising in career coaching, learning and development. My clients include ibec, Irish Times Training, thelearningrooms, and University College Dublin. This work gives me valuable insight into career obstacles and solutions. I use this knowledge to support you!

If you have any questions
or if you need career help