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Health check your career

Published on 22nd January 2016 under Blog Topic - Professionals/Career Movers,
We should not think our careers are defined by one past event. It is in a process of change, growth and choice. The good news is, there's enough time to progress. For those happy with their chosen careers, you'll still find there are difficult decisions to be made at times in your life e.g. should I go for that promotion, sign up to a course, reduce my hours, go free lance? So how can you be assured you are making healthy and positive career choices?

How to approach your CAO choices

Published on 11th January 2016 under Blog Topic - Students,
Here are some guidelines to ensure you navigate the CAO system. Do not let points dictate your choices. The points attributed to […]

Discover your Learning Style – Hark it’s VARK!

Published on 7th January 2016 under Blog Topic - Professionals/Career Movers, Students, Training,
Whether you're a mature student heading back to college, a leaving cert student grappling with a tough subject, a professional who has to roll out a new company policy, a parent helping your child with their homework or a University lecturer explaining Carbon Footprint - remember, understand your own learning style and adapt!

Most Useful Websites for Leaving Cert Students

Published on 7th January 2016 under Blog Topic - Students,
To short circuit some of the career/college information overload, I decided to put together a list of the most useful websites for leaving cert students. These contain a wealth of information, search functions, links etc. to fully research your areas of interest and ensure you don't miss any essential timeframes!