Health check your career

Published on 22nd January 2016 under Blog Topic - Professionals/Career Movers,

I recently read this quote: “career choice is not an event but a process” and it got me thinking!

I agree with this perspective on our careers for two reasons:

  1. It takes some pressure off our 6th year students. There should be no expectation that they’ll know what they want to do FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! Just by getting involved and thinking about their personality, talents, interests, learning styles, values etc. they’ll get on the right road, in the process, of discovering and making informed career and college choices.
  2. It also takes some pressure off us adults/professionals. We should not think our careers are defined by one past event. It is also in a process of change, growth and choice. The good news is, there’s always time to progress. And for those happy with their chosen careers? You’ll still find there are difficult decisions to be made at times in your life e.g. should I go for that promotion, sign up to a course, reduce my hours, go freelance?

So how can you be assured you are making healthy and positive career choices?

One solution I’ve come up with is the Annual Career Check-up. Once a year, on your birthday, you’ll get a little reminder by text or email from me. This reminder will include some relevant career questions for you to consider. If you feel the time is right, you can then come along to a Career Check-up appointment. This 2 hour consultation will help you to prioritise your goals, make plans, set up a schedule etc. so you can make the most of career opportunities and solve any career challenges.

I recently received this feedback from one such client:

“I had the opportunity to work with Elaine as part of a tailored career development programme through work – this involved one to one sessions, which were both enjoyable, and thought provoking. Elaine has an incredibly warm and positive-personality, combined with a real life approach. She helps you see the best of yourself and where best to use those talents. I would recommend Elaine to anyone seeking to further develop themselves within their career or anyone considering a change in their career path.”

If you’d like to sign up for this reminder email or text, drop me a line on my contact page or by phone and I’ll get you set up. There is no charge for the reminder text/email and no obligation for the consultation. However if you choose to make an appointment, the flat fee for the 2 hour consultation is €100.

So invest some time and energy in you and continue in your career progression!