Find your happy place in 2018!

Published on 9th January 2018 under Blog Topic - Uncategorised,

This morning I went for a walk with my two dogs: Reuben (4) and Buddy (1) and I learnt a powerful message about little pleasures. Now, my dogs regularly teach me lessons about myself and life; like, unconditional love, the power of habit and friendship. But today they taught me about how to enjoy and appreciate the routine tasks of the day. A lesson in mindfulness, you could say.

Our walk involved our routine visit to a field. Here the boys come off the lead and get to run, sniff, caper and frolic to their hearts’ content. Is there anything happier than a dog in a field – free and unrestrained joy!

Reuben and Buddy taught me this morning that if we give ourselves completely to the present moment, a field becomes a playground. If we relax enough to enjoy the moment, we get tons more back in terms of contentment.

That brings me to my New Year’s resolution, which by the way, “is a firm decision to do or not to do something”. So here’s my ‘firm decision’.

I plan to schedule/find joyful moments in my life on a daily basis. If our lives are made up of lots of routine, why not embrace this journey of experiences. The little things; my sons’ laughter, my favourite song on the radio, a cosy sitting room after a long day’s work.

Why not join me and find your joyful/happy places and relish every second!