Let it begin!

Published on 30th August 2016 under Blog Topic - Students,

Today is the day my sons return to school, off to new adventures in life and learning.

Their excitement was contagious: Up at 7am, fully dressed, bags on back and shoes tied. I’m not kidding!

When we arrived at the school gate, the energy was palpable:

  • Happy reunions with friends.
  • Tearful goodbyes for some parents.
  • “Where do I put my bag?” – new routines
  • Fresh faces and uniforms
  • A growth spurt of 2 inches for every child!
It was just wonderful to see such positivity for school. I wish every student from preschool to third level could hold onto this love of learning and school community. As parents at primary level, we are still very much hands on! Our role develops as our children grow in confidence and maturity but yet we will always be witnesses to our little ones entering a new world.

 Wishing you all health and happiness this academic year!