How to fall in love with your career

Published on 8th February 2016 under Blog Topic - Professionals/Career Movers,

February is the month dedicated to romance. Inspired by this, Career Compass suggests 3 steps to help you “love the one (the career) you’re with!”

  1. Appreciate your current position
  2. Acknowledge your offering
  3. Reignite your passion

Appreciate your current position

Imagine a Tinder for careers, let’s call it Cinder! With this new app, you can quickly assess the available job opportunities. The details supplied are salary, T&Cs, location and job purpose. You quickly choose by swiping yes. Now imagine YOUR current job is posted – would you swipe, would you be interested? Before you answer that, don’t forget to consider: subsidised canteen, car parking, gym, flexi-working arrangements, sick leave entitlements, team size, short commute, company car, progression path, leave allowances, training opportunities etc. etc. So now, how does your job stack up? Have you forgotten to appreciate what you already have?

 Acknowledge your offering

Identify your particular blend of knowledge, skills and personality that you bring to your job. Have you extensive knowledge of: a software programme, electrical specification of a industrial plant, logistical requirements for the transport of a product, client preferences, organisational history? What role do you play in your team? Are you the questioner, challenger, rapport builder, finisher?

Answering these types of questions will increase your level of self awareness and self appreciation. This will add real impact to your confidence which in turn encourages success and momentum, and so the cycle continues….

Reignite your passion

“Love is a verb; a doing word not a noun!”

To feel love, you have to show some love. Perhaps you’ve neglected your job or career? Here are some suggestions to reignite the passion:

  • Sign up for a training course, attend a conference – invest in your CPD.
  • Answer this question: “What problems can I solve?” Use your knowledge of your organisation and yourself to be a solution maker. Very attractive!
  • Be a mentor and find a mentor. For truly successful mentoring, it should be mutually beneficial. It’s all about give and take. Map out the individuals you think would make a good match. What can you offer them? What can they offer you?

Finally, the best piece of advice is to have courage and take responsibility for your own happiness!

Happy Valentine’s Day