Career Relaunch – Revive your Career Mojo and be proud of your career again!

Work with me on an intensive VIP career coaching experience.

Be the Star of your own life and rewrite your career story.

We all have childhood dreams. In mine, I was a dancer, an author and later a child psychologist. But as each day passes, we can lose sight of our dreams. We compromise, life gets complicated, and we have some setbacks. Then we have our children and their dreams become our dreams. But as our children grow and become more independent, we realise, hold on! I still want something more – a career, a purpose beyond my family.

I want you to put yourself back on your agenda. Take one brave step at a time towards personal responsibility and joy. Find meaning and creative expression through your career again. Imagine the sense of self-worth as you define career success and go for it?

To prepare to relaunch your career, you must understand the current job market. This can be difficult with an employment gap, or if you want to move sectors. Important questions include: what skills or qualifications are needed, where do I upskill? You might need support to identify the jobs or careers best suited to your age and stage of life. The tools at work are constantly changing, technology has touched every aspect of work – what might this mean for you? It is also challenging to make decisions with confidence after a career or health setback. Don’t forget the practical essentials for instance the CV upgrade and how to get a reference.

This is exactly why I created my coaching programme. I want capable, intelligent women to achieve their career dreams.



During my time in Career Compass, I have worked with amazing women who have wanted more for themselves. We walked the journey together. They have started on their new career adventures and grown in skills and confidence. Your next! I want to unleash your untapped female potential.

We learn together – I am your compass, guide, accountability buddy and cheerleader.

What’s different about this programme?

I bring my 25+ years training, HR, guidance counselling, mindfulness and interview expertise. You bring your willingness, bravery and commitment. Transformation happens!

1. In our work together you get just want you need every week to progress, so the journey is not overwhelming.

2. This is learning in action – with weekly tasks and enough time to practice and reflect.

3. As careers are dynamic, this process is too. I will adapt to your career priorities. I tailor the content to you, while also ensuring we cover the essentials.

4. With consistent support, you will gain clarity on your goals, create action plans and weekly tasks. Accountability all the way.

My passion is to help you find yours!

Are you ready to Star in your own life again?

Here’s what the Career Relaunch Programme contains:

• Pre-engagement 60-minute discovery call.
• Pre-meeting questionnaires & assignments.
• Reliable Personality and Psychometric Assessments.
• Career Interest Inventory Assessment
• SWOT Analysis and SMART Action plan.
• Four 90-minute Career Relaunch Coaching Sessions (online via Zoom).
• Choose from a career relaunch skills menu.
• Job Search Support
• Unlimited phone/email support for the month.

Price and Payment Options

Intensive VIP career coaching experience – €897

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Book before 1 September 2021 and receive a bonus 6-month review 1 hour coaching call.


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